Todd Palin: Sarah Palin Would Win Pres Election 'Hands Down' if Media Weren't Biased

Todd Palin: Sarah Palin Would Win Pres Election 'Hands Down' if Media Weren't Biased

Sarah Palin’s husband said that his wife would win a presidential election “hands down” if the media covered Republicans and Democrats fairly and without bias. 

When asked in an interview on Inside Edition that aired Tuesday, Todd Palin suggested that if the media were not like WWE referees who try to swing the outcome of matches, Palin would win a presidential election in a landslide. 

Todd said that Sarah “would win hands down, in my mind, if the media did their job and presented each candidate on experience and their policy and their ideas.”

When asked if he would potentially support his wife’s candidacy, Todd responded that, “If she wants to [run for president], I will be behind her.”

As Breitbart News has noted many times, Palin accomplished more during her time as governor of Alaska than most governors do in two terms. Her record of reform and taking on the cronyism of the Republican establishment and Democrats that made up the permanent political class was well documented in Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon’s documentary, The Undefeated. In fact, her record on jobs while she was governor of Alaska was stronger “compared to the country as a whole, was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors'” who were considered 2012 GOP presidential contenders during their respective tenures.

Those in Washington’s permanent political and media class fear–and loathe–Palin for the same reason Alaska’s did. Palin has not only shown that she lives to fight against cronyism and the bipartisan political establishment but also that she can triumph against those forces. The McCain campaign actually took the lead after Palin was put on the ticket, because her record of reform resonated with Americans who were sick and tired of politics as usual in Washington. The momentum she  generated was dampened  when his strategists decided to go “all in” and suspend his campaign during the financial crisis. 

Palin, though, has continued to fight against the political establishment and the mainstream press who, in turn, distort her record and paint her as “Caribou Barbie” in order to blunt her impact with as much vigor as they use to aid and boost their preferred candidates, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 


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