Al Roker Rips NYC Mayor De Blasio's 'Goofball' Weather Policy

Al Roker Rips NYC Mayor De Blasio's 'Goofball' Weather Policy

Beloved weatherman Al Roker is not too happy with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to keep schools open during Thursday’s snowstorm. Roker, who has made clear he is not a big fan of de Blasio, went on a Twitter rant today excoriating the mayor for “goofball policy” and falsely claiming that weather reports were inaccurate.

Roker began tweeting at the official account of the New York City Mayor’s office early this morning, calling the school policy “ridiculous” and questioning how the mayor could tell people to “stay off the roads” but keep schools open. He followed up by questioning the “goofball policy” and suggesting “it’s going to take some kid or kids getting hurt” for them to change their minds.

Roker only got angrier from there, as New York City then closed schools early, vindicating Roker’s position. “Is it work putting kids’ safety at risk?” he asked, before noting that the policy would mean parents would have to take to the roads once more during work hours to pick up their children. “Is there no one there with common sense?” he asked in a separate tweet. Roker then joked that his “long-term forecast” for de Blasio would be “1 term.

If keeping schools open only to be forced to close them was enough to incense Roker this much, the fact that the Mayor’s office then claimed the snow was more than predicted was simply too much for the meteorologist’s sensibilities:

“It came as predicted. Don’t blame weather for YOUR poor policy,” Roker accused in yet another tweet.

This is not the first time that Roker has been critical of de Blasio. It isn’t even the first time Roker has been critical about his response to extreme weather. During de Blasio’s first major snowstorm last month, Roker warned de Blasio that snowstorms had sealed the fate of New York City mayors before. “Two Words Mr. Mayor… John Lindsay!” Roker warned, referring to the mayor that had botched the response to a 1969 blizzard that left 14 people dead.


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