Politico Proclaims Obamacare a Success

Politico Proclaims Obamacare a Success

Politico is claiming that Obamacare has “cleared the tower” and is now a success.

With the release this week of the administration’s latest enrollment claims, Politico has decided that Obamacare has at least reached “competence,” noting that the purported three million enrollees are “way ahead of the disaster scenarios that had looked possible during the worst months of the troubled rollout last fall.”

The Washington newser goes on to say that “the new report is good enough that it might reset Washington’s expectations: maybe Obamacare isn’t going to be a train wreck after all.”

To put even more positive spin on Obamacare, Politico went on to celebrate that a “meltdown has been avoided.”

This is an awful lot of happy talk for a plan that is millions behind its projected enrollment numbers not to mention 11 percent under enrollment in the vital 18-34 age bracket–the folks that are supposed to be paying the most for older enrollees.

On February 12, Breitbart’s John Sexton detailed many of the shaky claims that the administration is making about the “success” of Obamacare.

Sexton noted that experts are saying that the percentage who have not paid their first premium in order to be properly counted as among the insured is 20 percent. Because of this “it’s possible HHS is now double counting some people who were dropped after failing to meet a mid-January deadline but are now applying again.”

Even more important is the failure of Obamacare to entice enough people from the 18-35 age bracket to sign up.

Folks in that age bracket are the ones who are supposed to be paying the high premiums while not having to use the insurance very much so that older and sicker enrollees can use the insurance without bankrupting the system. The administration suggested that it needed 38 percent of total enrollees to be made up of this important age bracket.

However, only 25 percent of those enrolled are from this vital demographic, and even this number cannot be 100 percent verified. 


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