Breitbart London to Push Back Against 'Socialist Steps' Taken in UK

Breitbart London to Push Back Against 'Socialist Steps' Taken in UK

After Breitbart News launched Breitbart London and Breitbart Texas on Sunday, Breitbart London’s Managing Editor Raheem Kassam declared that Breitbart News will begin to fill an underserved market for those in the UK who are thirsting for great conservative journalism. 

“We have to face the fact that we’ve been outplayed by the left for a number of decades. And we are playing catch-up,” Kassam said on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 to Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon. “That’s why we need an organization like Breitbart News to come over here to start rectifying the situation.” 

Kassam, the Managing Editor of Breitbart London, will head Breitbart’s bureau across the pond with Executive Editor James Delingpole, formerly of the Daily Telegraph. Kassam said that there was a “huge gap” in the market for solid conservative news and that Breitbart London would be providing the good conservative journalism that papers in Britain, even those that are considered right of center, have not been offering. He called Breitbart London Executive Editor James Delingpole a “firebrand to end all firebrands” who combines outspokenness with wit, snark, and intellect. 

To Breitbart News’ American audience, Kassam said that Britain was “several socialist steps ahead of you” and emphasized that as Democrats in America try to tilt the country to the left, it would be wise to see “where you guys are not and where you guys are going.”

“We’ve been there and we are there now,” Kassam said. “We have various situations where we are far beyond where you guys are.”

Kassam spoke about the European Union’s efforts to remove powers from national parliaments and how the people are “having to fight back against it.” For instance, Kassam reported on the European Union’s attempts to put Britain’s intelligence services under its purview for the launch of Breitbart London. He also mentioned Europe’s immigration crisis, saying that “we never had the debate” that Americans are having on immigration and, as a result, “London is no longer what it used to be” because of unchecked immigration.

Kassam noted that London is the media headquarters for the Muslim Brotherhood, and its politicians have often succumbed to political correctness in not combating the radical Islamization of its institutions. 

“We’re ready to fight aback against it,” Kassam declared. He also spoke of Delingpole’s battle against the eco-fascists who try to use environmental issues to strip away the sovereignty of nations and empower transnational institutions and unaccountable bureaucrats. 

Kassam talked about a culture in which the British media and its institutions have been “infiltrated by the establishment types” or those that naturally lean left. He said universities in the UK try to neuter the media and ensure that those who become “our journalists, cabinet ministers, and in charge of institutions” are “inherently left-leaning.”  

Kassam said he was thrilled to lead the effort to not only combat the institutional left in the UK but to also help Americans “find out what the enemies are thinking.”

He urged Americans to read Breitbart London to see how far a country can slide if “they abandon the natural principles of conservatism” in addition to seeing how conservatives are fighting back against a political culture that previous generations have lost. 

“We have to occupy that position and we have to stand by that position,” Kassam said of lessons that Americans can learn from what has occurred across the pond. “And if we don’t, there will be a vacuum that will be created that will be occupied by the left.”


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