LA Times Joins MSM to Focus on Holder 'Resurgence'

LA Times Joins MSM to Focus on Holder 'Resurgence'

The word has gone forth: the current meme pushed by the MSM is to refocus public attention away from Barack Obama and his unpopularity and instead center on Attorney General Eric Holder. How else to explain a piece in on Saturday afternoon titled “Resurgent Holder Pushes Agenda” followed the very next day by a piece in the Los Angeles Times titled, “Atty. Gen. Eric Holder reinvigorated to pursue his goals.”

The Times writes, “Eric H. Holder sounds like a man who suddenly found a second wind … since President Obama’s reelection, the 63-year-old Holder has tackled his responsibilities with new found energy and determination, surprising critics and supporters alike by striking out on a broad, ambitious and unapologetically liberal agenda.”

The Times notes, as did The Hill, that Holder is bent on giving felons the right to vote and  pursuing states whose voting restrictions displease him. The Times sentimentally reported Holder saying, “I am focusing on issues — really focusing on issues — in these last few weeks that have been near and dear to me for as long as I’ve been a lawyer. whole notion of criminal justice reform, civil rights enforcement — all these are the kinds of things that animated me and that made me want to become a lawyer in the first place.”

There was no mention of Holder’s refusal to prosecute the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) for their voter intimidation in 2008.

Here’s a frightening thought: one Holder confidant said, “He wants to put some points on the board before he leaves.” Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, commented:

There’s no question that he has become more active. One of the greatest complaints against Holder has been that he has been relatively passive in addressing [civil liberties and national security] problems created by this and the former administration. It’s clear Holder has been given marching orders to ramp up these policies, if nothing else to change the subject from [National Security Agency leaker Edward] Snowden and civil liberties.

In order to engender sympathy for their protagonist, The Times made sure to include Holder’s “deeply personal agenda,” writing, “After growing up in a lower-middle-class, largely black neighborhood in New York, he has made clear he feels a special responsibility to African Americans and other minorities. Speaking to a group of 17 ex-convicts in Philadelphia last year, Holder told the men, ‘I grew up in a neighborhood in Queens where guys like you would have been my boys, you know?'”

Holder boasted, “I still have an awful lot that I want to do. I want to focus on voting rights; I want to focus on criminal justice reform; I want to focus on the financial cases that we’ll be announcing, I think, relatively soon.”


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