USA Today: Gun Rights 'Absolutists' Have Hijacked, Ruined Gun Debate

USA Today: Gun Rights 'Absolutists' Have Hijacked, Ruined Gun Debate

In an editorial released late on March 19th, the USA Today editorial board shared their belief that gun rights “absolutists” have hijacked and ruined the gun debate.

According to editorial board, these gun rights “absolutists” have taken such a narrow-minded stand on the words “shall not be infringed” that  “Congress won’t pass even modest firearm safety laws.” 

These “absolutists” include the National Rifle Association and every “reader [who] reacted in fury” when former Guns & Ammo editor Dick Metcalf shared his conviction that the right to keep and bear arms “is not unlimited.” (As Breitbart News reported on November 5, Metcalf’s argument was that all constitutional rights need regulation, including the 2nd Amendment.)

The USA Today editorial board admitted one thing: “The nation has debated gun ownership and resolved it in gun owners’ favor, politically and in the nation’s highest court.” However, as soon as they admitted this they took it back by saying, “What’s left to decide are what measures can keep guns away from criminals and the dangerously mentally ill, saving some of the more than 30,000 lives lost to gun violence every year.”

And guess what? Doing this “will require Second Amendment absolutists to show more respect for the rights of others.” 

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