CNN's Piers Morgan Limps Off-Stage with Final Anti-Gun Rant

CNN's Piers Morgan Limps Off-Stage with Final Anti-Gun Rant

After three-plus disastrous years, CNN’s Piers Morgan ended his embarrassingly low-rated “Piers Morgan Live” as we all knew he would — with a boorish anti-gun rant. After spending his full and final hour covering the missing Malaysian airliner, the left-wing Brit took his last few minutes as a CNN primetime star to go out flailing with a partisan attack on the NRA and a feeble cry of “Enough!”

I assumed that after 70 people were shot in a movie theater and then just a few months later 20 first-graders were murdered with an assault rifle in an elementary school, that the absurd gun laws in this country would change, but nothing has happened. The gun lobby in America, led by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly silence. Even when 20 young children are blown away in their classrooms.  …

“Now it’s down to you. It is your country. These are your gun laws. And the senseless slaughter will only end when enough Americans stand together and cry, ‘Enough!’ I look forward to that day. I also look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you. And God bless America. Oh, and while I’m at it, God bless Great Britain too. Good night.

Morgan was not only a ratings disaster for CNN, he was a public relations disaster. For years the left-leaning network had tried to fool audiences into believing CNN is unbiased. Morgan’s unrelenting anti-gun hysteria ripped the mask off the entire network.

It wasn’t just that Morgan was bizarrely desperate to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans, it was that CNN allowed him to berate guests who disagreed with him, exploit the victims, and obsess over the issue long after the American people had moved on.

Morgan’s anti-gun crusade was also seen by many as nothing more than an attack on rural, mostly-Red State Americans — or just another manifestation of CNN’s well-documented cultural bigotry towards Middle America.  

Morgan never demanded that handguns be banned, even though handguns are far away responsible for most of America’s gun murders. Instead Morgan targeted the semi-automatic rifles used mainly in rural America as “assault weapons” for his anti-civil rights campaign.

CNN is now left with two weekday primetime hours to fill.

No replacement for Morgan has yet been announced.

Apparently, CNN finally figured out that nothing is indeed better Piers Morgan.


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