Breitbart News Announces Addition of Charlie Spiering

Breitbart News Announces Addition of Charlie Spiering

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Breitbart News Network (@BreitbartNews) announced today it’s bringing in former Washington Examiner reporter Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) as the newest edition of the Breitbart News political team led by Washington Editor Jonathan Strong (@j_strong). Spiering worked as a reporter for Washington columnist Bob Novak before joining the Washington Examiner in 2009.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon said, “Charlie Spiering has built a strong brand that blends reporting, commentary, and insight into content that helps drive the national political conversation. Breitbart News will continue to grow the scale and reach of our political coverage and the addition of Spiering to our political unit signals our commitment to build a best-in-class team.”

“Building off of the momentum from 2013, Breitbart News is poised for even greater growth in 2014 and Charlie Spiering’s addition is the latest example of our ongoing effort to continue investing in the kind of talent that can both deliver even more compelling content for our audience and help Breitbart News drive the political conversation in 2014 and beyond,” said Breitbart News President and CEO Larry Solov.

“Andrew Breitbart was a pioneer of fast-paced online news and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to join the Breitbart News team,” said Spiering.

Spiering’s hiring is part of an expansion of Breitbart’s political team ahead of the mid-term election and 2016 presidential cycle that will include additional hires, an expansion into polling, and the continuation of the agile political coverage that has channeled the voice of the grassroots and earned the company a large audience.

“Spiering has a proven track record of breaking big stories that garner huge audiences. We’re putting together a top-flight political team in the tradition of the late Bob Novak – Spiering’s old boss – and he’ll be a key component of that,” said Breitbart Washington Editor Jonathan Strong.

“Charlie understands the fast-paced pulse of news media in the modern age,” said Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow. “Today’s political audience is more sophisticated and skeptical than ever, and he understands how to give our audience the unfiltered bottom line.”