5 Reason America Should Be Grateful Piers Morgan Was Cancelled

5 Reason America Should Be Grateful Piers Morgan Was Cancelled

For the last couple of years, in the immediate wake of numerous mass-shootings, Americans have had to suffer through Piers Morgan’s thoughtless exploitation of the shooting victims in furtherance of his own personal anti-gun crusade. Although his ratings were embarrassing, Morgan still enjoyed a massive megaphone in the form of a primetime CNN slot.

Wednesday, within hours after news broke of a mass-shooting at Ft. Hood (the second in five years), America could at least feel grateful that Morgan no longer held that megaphone. Last week was Morgan’s last at CNN as a daily primetime presence, and that meant he was left to rage impotently and ignorantly at his own Twitter account.

One quick note about the first tweet below:  Early reports say the shooter was indeed stopped by “a good guy with a gun,” a female MP who confronted the suspected-shooter with her own weapon. Reports suggest that it was then that the suspected-shooter stopped killing innocents and turned his weapon on himself.

Here are five reasons — five Morgan tweets — from Wednesday that should makeevery American grateful CNN’s carnival barker is off the air: 


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