Dozens Hit By Layoffs at Al Jazeera America

Dozens Hit By Layoffs at Al Jazeera America

Dozens of Al Jazeera America employees were laid off after the ratings-challenged network decided to close down its sports bureau and reduce “The Stream” from a daily to weekly show. The network attempted to put the best spin possible on the lay-offs to the Hollywood Reporter, but after a reported initial investment of over a half-billion dollars and a launch seven months ago, the network’s ratings are still so low they sometimes cannot be measured.

Also eluding AJA is what the Qatar-backed network really wants, which is to make an impact on the American political and cultural discussion. If the network were leaving any kind of mark there, the royal family would likely be willing to lose billions. But that has been the network’s most prominent failure: almost no one is watching and even fewer are being impacted.

The AJA pebble has yet to make anything close to a ripple in our national American conversation.

AJA probably counted on left-wing political correctness to help it gain some traction in the American mainstream media. The problem with that idea is that most of the MSM have problems of their own, especially MSNBC and CNN. The last thing these networks want is to promote yet another competitor.


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