The Daily Beast: Knife Deaths Aren't as Important as Gun Deaths

The Daily Beast: Knife Deaths Aren't as Important as Gun Deaths

On May 27, The Daily Beast’s Cliff Schecter took a different tact from other gun control proponents, who have simply ignored the fact that Elliot Rodger stabbed and killed as many people as he shot and killed, when he tried to lessen the significance of that fact by saying stabbing victims in other recent mass attacks were not killed.

In other words, the fact that the same number of people died from knife wounds as died from bullet wounds in Santa Barbara means nothing because stabbings do not consistently kill.

Here are Schecter’s exact words:

And although, tragically, three young men were killed after being stabbed by the killer in Santa Barbara, perhaps the clearest comparison between gun violence and knife violence is provided by looking at the attack that occurred at a Chinese school in the Henen Province the very same day as the [heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary]. Twenty-three students were attacked in Henen and none died – as opposed to 20 murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. Or how about the 22 injured in a knife attack at a school in Pittsburgh this past April? Nobody died there either.

Schecter went on to say knives “can’t kill as impersonally, as many, as fast or as at far a distance.” He said he has never heard of “presidents [being] knifed from book depositories (or grassy knolls, whatever your preference).”

And of course, knives cannot be hated as much as guns because knives don’t have a “powerful lobby” – i.e., the NRA – buying “legislators, governors, judges, etc., with campaign money so they can enrich themselves with blood-stained arms dealer money.”

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