Mainstream Media Annoyed Jorge Ramos Won't Hide Liberal Biases

Mainstream Media Annoyed Jorge Ramos Won't Hide Liberal Biases

Jorge Ramos does not hide where he stands on issues, and that has rankled “This Town” journalists who believe it is better to masquerade their liberal agendas, while simultaneously–and relentlessly–pushing them.

Ramos has confronted Democrats and Republicans on amnesty, most recently opining that the GOP will lose the presidency in 2016 if they do not pass amnesty legislation. He did not go as far, however, as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who said George W. Bush would be the last Republican president in history if the GOP does not pass amnesty.

“Republicans don’t get it. They’re going to lose the 2016 election if they don’t move on immigration reform, and they’re going to lose again in 2020,” Ramos told Politico. “They have a very short memory. They forgot in 2012. They’ll remember after 2016.”

On the subject of Ramos, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, who is wont to use his platform to attack politicians outside of Washington, D.C.’s permanent political class and those with whom he disagrees, told Politico, It isn’t about us.” Another annoyed reporter in the permanent political class said, “There is a difference between activism and journalism.”

Ramos, who also has an English-language show on Fusion, makes no apologies about his agenda, despite the opinions of others, and his “Univision newscast is the most-watched Spanish-language news program in the United States, with an average viewership of 2.1 million.” That is what makes him different–and more honest–than mainstream media journalists who masquerade as “objective” journalists, even as they push a liberal agenda and protect favored Democrats, like President Barack Obama, and some establishment Republicans who are fixtures in their social circles.

Ramos said that interviews are supposed to be “like a war,” then blasted “This Town” journalists who show disdain for him because he does not dishonestly hide his biases. 

“Here in the United States,” he told Politico, “you turn on the TV, and you see very bland interviews.”

He added:

Journalists in the United States are very cozy with power, very close to those in power. They laugh with them. They go to the [White House] correspondents’ dinner with them. They have lunch together. They marry each other. They’re way too close to each other. I think as journalists we have to keep our distance from power.

Ramos, who recently confronted House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) about amnesty, arguably gave Obama his toughest interview during the 2012 presidential election. And after he grilled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Matt Drudge said that Ramos was “the last journalist standing” and warned politicians, “If you see him…RUN!”

“I’m not seeing tough questions asked on American television,” Ramos said. “I’m not seeing those correspondents that would question those in power. It’s like a club. We are not asking the tough questions.”

Speaking about the 2016 presidential election, Ramos said that “whoever is going to the White House will have to go through us,” and they will have to go through his gauntlet on amnesty. 

“Immigration reform is a prerequisite for the Hispanic community. … Without that, nothing is going to happen,” Ramos boldly asserted. “If you want to go to the White House, you have to knock on the door of Univision and Fusion before. Because otherwise, you won’t get there.”