Tea Party News Network: Paul Ryan 'the Betrayer'

Tea Party News Network: Paul Ryan 'the Betrayer'

Scottie Hughes, news director for the Tea Party News Network, gives her analysis of Paul Ryan’s new book in Politico Magazine.

Who doesn’t remember the boyish Paul Ryan, open-collared and brimming with confidence, coming down the gangplank from the USS Wisconsin as Mitt Romney introduced him to the nation as his running mate? He was the conservative hope, the author of the Ryan budget, the stick-it-to-the-big-spending-liberals guy no matter the political cost. Conservative hearts swelled across the nation at the thought of his being the conservative backbone of a Romney ticket. And true to form, he ran as a conservative.

Maybe it was the prospect of big publishing bucks, or the adoration of national media, or maybe he genuinely believes this is his ticket to the top of the GOP presidential ballot, but Paul Ryan has decided in his new book The Way Forward to damn conservatives as the crazies behind a “suicide mission” for the country–even as he writes, oddly, that Republicans must hew to conservativism to win. It’s no secret that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul don’t have many friends in Washington, so I give credit to Ryan for not even feigning it. But we of the grassroots GOP are in no mood to hear that our push for defunding Obamacare and using the debt ceiling to force President Obama to curb reckless spending had all the wisdom of a Japanese kamikaze.

It’s true that Ryan’s book wasn’t the first instance of him sticking his fingers in the eyes of conservatives. Ever since the failed election, he has seemed to not want to take up the mantle of controversy that his 2012 budget placed on his shoulders. Paul Ryan didn’t seem to fancy the ads of him throwing old granny off the cliff. And who could blame him? The vicious attack ads, the smears from the New York Times editorial boards. All that wears on a person. And clearly Ryan didn’t have the stomach for it.

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