CNN's Blitzer, Banfield Post Double Digit Demo Drops

CNN's Blitzer, Banfield Post Double Digit Demo Drops

Thanks to MSNBC’s ongoing collapse, CNN is able to pretend its own ratings aren’t catastrophic. “We’re #2! We’re #2!” Congrats, Jeff Zucker, you sunk a little less than the MSNBC Titanic. What’s mainly propping CNN is up is non-news reality programming, like CNN’s documentary The Sixties, which felt like it was around longer than its subject.

Dumping Piers Whats-His-Name helped less than CNN likely hoped. In total viewers, the increase was a mere +3%. In demo viewers, +21%. Keep in mind that increasing a number that was close to zero by 21% isn’t saying much.

CNN’s daytime is in real trouble:

Several daytime programs were down double digits in the A25-54 demo: “Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield” (down -20%), “Wolf” (down -17%), and “CNN Newsroom” (2pmET and 3pmET; down -16%, -13%, respectively).

Other than the noticeable increase in CNN’s leftwing bias, many of the personalities behind these programs border on unwatchable.

If you’re wondering how a cable news network can post quarterly numbers like these…

Primetime (Mon-Sun): 553K Total Viewers / 185K A25-54

Total Day (Mon-Sun): 447K Total Viewers / 134K A25-54

…and stay in business, the answer is simple: Bundled cable.

If CNN is part of your television package, you are subsidizing this toxic programming, whether you watch or not.

If you want to kill CNN (for America), you have to cut the cable and satellite cord.

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