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'Forensic Files' Reruns Beat Andrea Mitchell, Joy Reid, Farrow, Scarborough

'Forensic Files' Reruns Beat Andrea Mitchell, Joy Reid, Farrow, Scarborough

The long-running true crime reality show Forensic Files is one of my all-time favorite television shows. But that doesn’t mean I would expect its reruns (the show ended in 2011) to wallop some of MSNBC’s top brands and names in the ratings. During the third quarter of this year, that is exactly what happened.

Years-old HLN reruns of Forensic Files averaged 258,000 total viewers compared to 253,000 for MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, 239,000 for Joy Reid, 227,000 for Jose Diaz-Balart, and 221,000 for Ronan Farrow.

In 25-54 demo viewers, Forensic Files ranked #40, which beat MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (45), Ed Schultz (48), Alex Wagner (58), Jose Diaz Balart (61), The Cycle (62), Andrea Mitchell (63), Joy Reid (66), and Ronan Farrow (67).

NBC is not in the cable news business for the money. It’s all about pushing a big government/big business agenda. An entire cable news network devoted to just that.

Thank God for the Koch brothers and Citizens United. Why should NBC News be allowed to pour unlimited corporate cash into pushing its leftwing message but not the rest of us?

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