BET Host Complains Obama Giving Hispanic Media More Attention

BET Host Complains Obama Giving Hispanic Media More Attention

The BET host who interviewed President Barack Obama last week complained that the president has given Hispanic media outlets more attention than black outlets during his presidency. 

“I think the difference between the African-American community and the Latino community is that there have been much fewer interviews on television with African-American press,” BET’s Jeff Johnson said on CNN’s Reliable Sources. “And so I think this interview was incredibly important because there have been fewer interviews with African-American press.”

Johnson said he hopes that “in between now and the end of his term there’s going to be a lot more conversation with the black press, not just on radio but on television.”

Last week, Obama gave interviews to BET and Spanish-language stations Univision and Telemundo to discuss race and his executive amnesty. Obama told BET that the violent anti-police protests across the country were “necessary” to trigger America’s “conscience” with “some inconvenience.”


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