Code of Silence: Milbank Won’t Condemn Ron Fournier, Taegan Goddard

Flickr Creative Commons / Center for American Progress Action Fund
Flickr Creative Commons / Center for American Progress Action Fund

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is now into the second week of a very personal campaign against Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker. This week, Milbank is furious at the Governor for answering that he “doesn’t know” if President Obama is Christian. Walker not vouching for Obama’s Christianity, according to Milbank, is “insidious.”

Despite Milbank’s strong belief that the questioning of another’s faith is “insidious,” when asked by Breitbart News if he would condemn his media colleague Taegan Goddard for mocking Scott Walker’s Christianity, Milbank would only say via email, ” I respect Walker’s faith, Goddard’s humor and Nolte’s journalism.”

Last week, Milbank said that Walker’s refusal to condemn former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning Obama’s patriotism was “cowardice” and “spineless.”

Breitbart News also asked Milbank for comment on his media colleague Ron Fournier’s questioning of the patriotism of ObamaCare opponents. We received no reply from Milbank to that request.

It is important to point out that the campaign Milbank has launched against Walker is not only dishonest, it is an act of outright McCarthyism. And this is not the first time Milbank has used the pages of the Washington Post to engage in such tactics against the GOP.

The dishonesty is Milbank’s claim that Walker is ducking, refusing to answer questions about Obama’s patriotism and faith. That’s just not true. Walker answered both questions. He said he didn’t know. That’s an answer, and it is a perfectly reasonable answer when asked to discern the heart of another person.

Under oath, if you ask me if Obama is a patriotic Christian, I could only answer, “I don’t know.” Five years ago I would have answered yes to both questions. But a lot has happened in 5 years, and 53% of Americans share mine and Walker’s inabilty to give a yes or no answer to that question.

The McCarthysim is Milbank’s demand (and he is far from alone in the media in this regard) that Walker pass an Obama Loyalty Test by publicly vouching for the President’s love of Jesus and America.

This is a crucial point: Milbank and the Washington Post are not attempting to destroy Walker politically for not answering these questions (Walker did answer — he said he didn’t know). Rather, Milbank and his publisher are attempting to destroy Walker for not passing The Test, to which there is only one safe answer: “Of course Obama loves Jesus and America.”

According to Milbank it is unacceptable for Walker to keep his opinions about Obama’s faith and patriotism to himself. Moreover, if Walker doesn’t publicly answer the questions in the way Milbank demands, Milbank uses the pages of the Washington Post to disqualify Walker for higher office.

Milbank’s Obama Loyalty Test has only one question: “Do you now or have you ever held a negative personal opinion of Barack Obama?” And there is only one right answer.

Answer incorrectly, or refuse to condemn those who answer incorrectly, and you will be toxified, demonized, and freak-showed.

This is blackmail.

This is McCarthyism 101.

Milbank is a bully abusing his power at the Washington Post. And on the matter of condemning those who question the patriotism of others; by his own definition, Milbank is a spineless coward.

While Milbank did respond to one of our queries, Breitbart News’ attempts to reach Milbank were via Twitter, email and by phone. When I told the Washington Post operator why I was calling, he hung up one me, so we were unable to leave a full message.  

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