MSNBC Moving Away From Left-Wing TV Is Awful, Terrible, No Good News

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With the axing of shows hosted by open-leftists Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid, coupled with rampant rumors about the imminent firing of Al Sharpton, the overall news is that MSNBC’s apparent goal is to “move away from left-wing TV.” For the ideal of journalism and most especially for conservatives, this is awful news

Right now MSNBC is openly left-wing, and that’s a good thing. Actually, it is a great thing and something I’ve frequently and publicly commended. You need not agree with someone to respect something about them, and I’ve always respected the fact that MSNBC put its biases upfront.

MSNBC is wrong about almost everything.

CNN is wrong about almost everything.

MSNBC lies a lot.

CNN lies a lot.

MSNBC puts on the uniform, steps in the arena, looks you in the eye, and admits its left-wing biases.

CNN pushes those exact same left-wing biases while cowering behind a phony shield of objectivity.

Even if it’s a cable news network, there is absolutely nothing wrong with leftists having their own platform from which to scream their beliefs. Debate, argument, and disagreement is good for our democracy. It is healthy for conservatives to have our beliefs constantly challenged and questioned, even if those questions and challenges come from a network that mass produces smug, anti-science metrosexual leftists in horn-rimmed glasses.

CNN is a cancer on truth.

CNN is toxic for our democracy.

CNN is a cowardly, sniveling spy in the arena of public discourse.

And now MSNBC is going to become CNN 2 — a second left-wing cable news outlet that will hide behind a phony shield of objectivity. This tactical move will make MSNBC much more lethal and capable of doing damage to the conservative movement, especially now that we are headed into 2016.

The only change MSNBC is going to make is into camouflage, and that is a bad thing, not a victory.


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