Former CNN Anchor: ‘Nothing to Debate,’ Having a Gun Saved My Life

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On July 8, former CNN anchor Lynn Russell wrote a column for Fox News in which she recounted the alleged June 30 attack and attempted robbery she survived because her husband won a gunfight.

She said, there is “nothing to debate” on guns. Rather, the clear lesson is that having a gun saved her life.

On the night of the 30th, Russell opened the door to the motel room so she could go to the car and get food for their dog. She detailed what happened next:

The armed guard patrolling the second floor was engrossed in a phone conversation, instead of checking the parking lot. I unlocked our door, picked up the food I’d placed at my feet and was assaulted by a jackass with a big, silver semi-automatic weapon. He shoved me into the room. I was airborne and landed on the bed. He shut the door and stood behind it, gun on me, debating his next move.

While the criminal was “debating” with himself, Russell’s husband, Chuck de Caro, emerged from the shower to ask what was going on?

De Caro’s presence threw the suspect, and Russell took advantage of the confusion by feigning a search for valuables in her purse. She then handed her purse to her husband, who pulled the gun out from it and was able to shoot and kill the alleged assailant, but not before being shot three times himself.

Russell summed up the incident by suggesting the “bottom line” is this–“assailant DOA in the parking lot. My hero recovering from five gunshot wounds. We both are alive.”

She then emphasized the importance of bearing arms:

Criminals will always have guns, this is not about them. Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms. Humans have a right to defend themselves. If we didn’t have the Second Amendment, we would create it.

…Get a gun, get legal, be responsible, trust yourself. Don’t trust yourself? Then don’t carry. But for God’s sake then, shut the f**k up about it, because that’s where your involvement ends.


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