Veteran Newspaper Editor Thrashes Indianapolis Star for LGBT Advocacy

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Craig Ladwig, a former editor of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, pens an open letter castigating the Indianapolis Star for its LGBT advocacy campaign.

From the Indiana Policy Review:

Dear Editor:

There are those of us still around who grew up in newsrooms where the model city editor was Jack Webb playing Sam Gatlin in the 1956 film, “-30-.” We are limited in what we can add to the debate over your behind-the-back campaign to reorder Hoosier views on sexual orientation and gender.

Nonetheless, no reader of your newspaper can be surprised by your recent actions. Advocacy is what corporate editors do these days, in secret or on the front page. They maintain that it is the only real journalism.

That’s why the Star unabashedly hires an “equality matters” reporter to walk around the city pretending to be homeless. And the new ethnically correct “community engagement” editor, “a proud liberal,” has settled into her desk to “give voice to the marginalized, underprivileged or forgotten.”

What bothers some of us, though, is that the Star would pretend to be something else — our father’s newspaper. But its actions are not as your recent editorial claims, i.e., merely a continuation of a historic journalistic spirit dating back to Martin Luther and his pamphlets.

Your Indianapolis Star, rather, is of later innovation, a type described by Dr. Marvin Olasky in his “Central Ideas in the Development of American Journalism.”

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