Trump Beat Reporters: We Can’t Find Supporters Who Won’t Vote for Him After Plan to Ban Muslim Immigration

Donald Trump
AP Photo/LM Otero

Mainstream media reporters this week could not find Trump’s supporters—even those who disagreed with his proposal—who would not vote for the businessman because of his plan that has made the political and media establishments go apoplectic.

NBC’s Katy Tur, who was with Trump in South Carolina on Monday evening, revealed that, “we’ve had a really hard time finding anybody who disagrees with Donald so much… that they would not vote for him.”

She added that even those who disagree with him and “wish he would say thing sin a calmer, nicer manner” still say that “their vote is with Donald Trump” and “that’s what we were hearing last night.”

Tur said when Trump talked about his ban on Muslims entering the United States in South Carolina on Monday evening, “there were raucous cheers” and a “standing ovation” from supporters who think that Trump is “unequivocal when it comes to terrorism” and see “strength in him” where they see weakness in Obama.

One Trump supporter in South Carolina on Monday evening told NBC that, “I think it’s a good idea with everything that’s going on in the world … It sounds harsh but reality is reality.” Another said, “I’ve had too many brothers and sisters lost over there in those two wars” to “let them come here free range—it’s a kick in the face to every veteran there is.”

Trump supporter Edward Garcia, who attended Trump’s Monday evening rally in South Carolina, told ABC News that Americans must be “vigilant.”

“Look what’s going on over in Paris and what went on in San Bernardino,” Garcia reportedly said. “We have to be vigilant and stand up to them. It’s very important.”

According to ABC, JoAnn Waller said he “liked what he said about Muslims.” She said “it’s not that I’m against Muslims,” but “I think it’s important to get control and understand what is going on.”

A Bloomberg Politics poll released on Wednesday found that 64% of Republican primary voters agree with Trump’s plan to put a moratorium on Muslims entering the United States, with 52% saying “they strongly support the proposal.” In addition, the poll found that 37% of GOP primary voters said Trump’s proposal “makes them more likely” to support him.


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