Surge: GOP Debate Ratings Beat Previous Two — 18 Million Viewers

The Associated Press

Anyone looking for further proof of where the energy, intensity, interest and excitement is this election season need only look at the ratings. After 4 previous Republican debates you would expect interest to wane. The exact opposite happened. A full 18 million tuned into Tuesday night’s CNN debate, which bests the previous two debates by 4 million and 2.5 million.

Debate 1 (Fox): 24 million

Debate 2 (CNN): 23 million

Debate 3 (CNBC): 13 million

Debate 4 (Fox Biz): 14 million

Debate 5 (CNN): 18 million

This is also nearly 10 million more viewers than the 8.5 million who tuned into the last Democrat debate.

The undercard GOP debate earned 5.7 million Tuesday night.

This is good news for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, both of whom did very well last night.  This is especially true for frontrunner Trump who, in my opinion, has never looked better — even if the bubble-dumb media is swooning over Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.


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