Media Fail: 33% Say Trump Won CNN Debate, 1% for Jeb Bush

Donald Trump at CNN GOP Debate (Ethan Miller / Getty)
Ethan Miller / Getty

After last week’s excellent CNN Republican Primary debate, it was hilarious to watch the DC Media coordinate a campaign to ignore a very inconvenient fact: Donald Trump won that debate. He just did. I’ve never said that before. But he did. On style and substance (detailed here), the billionaire businessman commanded the stage and won the night. To distract from this reality, our corrupt media made the post-debate all about Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.

Buried in a CNN story about a national poll comes the actual results of the debate:

33% say Trump did the best job in the debate, 28% Cruz, 13% Rubio. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie follows with 6%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, widely seen as needing a strong debate performance to boost his standing in the polls, was rated best by just 1% of debate watchers.

A measly 1% for Jeb Bush. Lindsey Graham, who has since done us all a favor and dropped out of the race, wasn’t even on the main stage.

So why would the media focus on the two biggest losers of the night?

The media creates the rules. The rules are designed to elect Democrats. The only way to beat Democrats is to flagrantly violate the media’s rules. Trump doesn’t play by the rules.

There is no question the media is eager to hand Jeb (who they know they can annihilate in a general election) a boomlet.

And like all Republicans who slash-and-burn their own, the media love Graham.

As aggressively as the DC Media tried to sway public opinion after the debate, the end result was only this: the media once again proved it is losing its power to influence anything anymore.


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