Long before it became a phenomenon, Breitbart News was covering the phenomenon of cord-cutting. Years before the patriotic act of canceling your cable or satellite television package was a thing, Breitbart news was right here laying out all reasons to do exactly that.

Those of you holding out, those of you still paying way too much for subscription TV, those of you still lining the pockets of multi-national corporations who want to see everything you believe in exterminated, have essentially offered up two objections to avoid doing your patriotic duty:

Football and Fox News.

But if I cut my cable, you cried, I won’t be able to watch football or Fox News.

Although I have never been a football or Fox News fan, I let the above excuse go. This is, after all, a free country, and if you want to get gouged by a handful of evil corporations while subsidizing Hate Outlets like CNN, that is your choice as an American — a bad American, but an American nonetheless.

But what in the world is stopping you now?

How many knees do those overpaid, ungrateful NFL crybabies get to take before you stop playing the role of the sucker, before you stop subsidizing hatred of our country and serial lies about law enforcement?

And how many times does Fox News get to spit in your face before you say enough?

Yes, there are some good people at Fox News doing some brave and honorable reporting and commentary. No question. And it is unfortunate they are part of an organization that grows more reprehensible by the day, but come on…

Biases up front… I have never been a big Fox News fan. My original prejudice, however, was based on my initial disgust with the overall cable news format, which is to ruin your day with nonsense outrage.  Honestly, when you’re walking around angry all day because some bureaucrat in Dumbassqua, Ohio, won’t allow some retiree to paint his house trailer red, white, and blue — seriously, come on. Cable news is dumb.

But at least in those days, Fox News was still Fox News — a rebel, a loner, a badass totally in touch with Real America. At least in those days, Fox News was on our side, was a proudly belligerent finger in the eye of the establishment media. So, yeah, that was worth something, maybe even worth $150 a month cable bill. But now?


Wake up, y’all…  What you are now paying for is to watch the slow-motion suicide of Fox News as it sells you out and hopes you don’t notice. What you are now paying for is being the sucker who stands by your Fox Man as he openly cheats on you with a sleazy creep like Jim Acosta.

This is Fox News today:

That list doesn’t even include Shepard Smith’s hour of left-wing editorializing or the latest anti-Trump jibberish spewed by Judge Napalotano.

But there is only ONE way to fire Fox News — and NOT watching is NOT the way.

You see, the whole cable/satellite TV game is rigged — rigged to rob you, to vacuum hard-earned dollars out of your pocket as a means to subsidize your own destruction.

Here is why your cable bill is so obnoxiously expensive: Whether or not you watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, MTV, ESPN, and a bunch of other outlets that hate you, you are still subsidizing them.

Let me repeat that.

Even if you refuse to watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, MTV, ESPN, and a bunch of other outlets that hate you, every single month, through your cable payment, you are sending them money, you are subsidizing them, you are giving them the power to destroy you.

It is called a carriage fee, and you pay it every month, and that is why it doesn’t matter if no one watches CNN. And because of these carriage fees, advertising revenue based on actual merit (viewership ratings) hardly matter anymore.

According to the latest numbers, whether or not you watch, here is how much money these left-wing companies receive from you every month:

Now multiply that by some 80 million cable subscribers and the answer you get is WHO NEEDS VIEWERS! If you want to know why these companies treat you and yours like garbage, this is why — they do not need viewers because the whole thing is rigged.

The cable system is so rigged, even though no one watch CNN, they still make $64 million a month — a month, y’all — off of those suckers still paying for cable.

Hey, I’m no hypocrite. I cut the cord almost three years ago, and not only do I have more money in my pocket, it has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. No more phony outrage, no more 20 freakin’ minutes of commercials per hour, no more being played for a sucker.

I subscribe to Netflix, to Amazon Prime, and hoisted an outside antennae that delivers 15 free channels. I got me a Roku that offers a ton of streaming networks that offer free TV, movies, and news with a lot fewer than 20 freakin’ minutes of ads per hour.

There really is no downside here. You get to fire Fox News, you get to stop subsidizing all those corporate villains, and you save $1,000 a year doing it.

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