Athletic clothing company Dhvani unveiled a new advertising campaign this week on a Times Square billboard featuring President Donald Trump hogtied outside the White House.

The campaign’s aim is to protest the Trump administration’s Title X “gag rule,” which prohibits doctors from referring patients for abortion and block patients from care from Planned Parenthood. The billboard, entitled “Lady Liberty,” features model Michal Mesa, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, stepping on a distressed-looking President Trump’s face outside the White House.

“As a former US Marine, I was proud to serve my country and help protect the rights of our citizens,” Mesa said in a statement. “Perhaps now more than ever, it’s crucial we take a powerful stand against those who are determined to strip Americans of our rights. I’m proud to represent Lady Liberty and hope it inspires more people to take a stand.”

“Enough is enough. Our customers and our team are empowered, outspoken, and active. This new campaign captures the level of frustration and the need to speak out louder than ever before,” Dhvani CEO Avi Brown added. “This represents a proud and organic evolution of our brand identity. Our customers choose DHVANI for its quality and its commitment to directly support social change, and so do we by working with nonprofits that make a difference.”

The billboard is one of several ads the athletic company has run as part of its #StandForSomething campaign. Another ad features a model swiping President Trump’s phone from his hands as he sits on a golden toilet, and a third shows a diverse group of women surrounding him and putting duct tape over his mouth.