Nolte: Impeachment Polls Prove Schiff Hearings Were a Huge Failure

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The latest impeachment polling has come in from HuffPost, CNN, and Politico, and it proves Adam Schiff’s House hearings were a massive failure.

This is not just a massive fail on Schiff’s part — it is also a massive media fail. Because, if you recall the last two weeks, Schiff’s kangaroo court was backed by billions and billions of dollars in corporate propaganda through the fake media, including far-left CNN, MSNBC, and even a number of lying morons on Fox News, like Chris Wallace and Andrew Napolitano.

What’s more, as a means to give Schiff’s hoax the air of legitimacy, all the major networks broadcast the hearing live throughout the day, which included commentary from their own left-wing analysts.

Over and over and over again, Schiff and his confederates in the media screamed BOMBSHELLBOMBSHELLBOMBSHELL, and here are the hilarious results…


Most telling, at least to me, is the fact that after all this, after all this gaslighting, the latest polling from HuffPost/YouGov shows only 42 percent of the public believe President Trump is guilty of what he is being accused of — withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden.

Only 42 percent.

Two weeks of “historic” impeachment hearings, billions of corporate dollars funding endless hours of media propaganda, and only 42 percent believe what all of that gaslighting told them to believe.

That number is even more striking when you remember that 54 percent of the country did not vote for Trump in 2016…

Granted, only 31 percent believe Trump did not withhold aid in return for an investigation into Biden, but after all this, 26 percent are still unsure.

Not to belabor the point, but after two months of media propaganda and two weeks of impeachment hearings, a healthy majority of 57 either believe Trump is innocent or are unsure — and the “unsure” demographic certainly matters — if people are not convinced by now of Trump’s guilt, other than Trump having a breakdown and confessing, what will convince them? Nothing.

In other words, the coup plotters took a shot at the king and missed by a country mile. In other words, you do not remove a sitting president, you do not overturn this country’s only nationwide election and referendum, when you have convinced only 42 percent of the jury the guy is guilty.

And even if he is “guilty,” who the hell cares?

Joe and Hunter Biden looted Ukraine for millions of dollars, and that is a perfectly legitimate issue for Trump to ask Ukraine to look into.

Oh, and the polls somewhat agree with me on that point, because HuffPost asked that question specifically, and only 40 percent said it was “impeachable” if Trump “withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to get the president of Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption against the Biden family.”

Granted, only 16 percent said it was “appropriate” for Trump to do that, 26 percent said “inappropriate, but not impeachable,” and 18 percent are unsure, but still…

Only 42 percent of the public believe Trump did that, and only 40 percent believe he should be impeached if he did do it.

Brother, what a fail.

The topline numbers only prove that Democrats do not care if Trump is guilty or not. A plurality of 45 percent of those polled want Trump impeached and removed (even though only 42 percent say he’s guilty), while 42 percent disagree with removing Trump.

It is notable that these numbers look as bad as they do for Democrats when this is an “all adult” poll. When you screen for “registered” of “likely” voters, the numbers always improve for Republicans.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll is of 1,000 adults between Nov. 20-22.


Over at the far-left CNN, a fake news outlet that traffics in anti-Trump conspiracy theories, the numbers on impeachment are exactly where they were prior to the hearings: 50 percent want Trump impeached and removed, while 43 percent disagree.

In worse news for CNN, since the hearings, Trump’s job approval numbers improved by four net points. Those who approve of the job Trump’s doing increased a point, from 41 to 42 percent; while his disapproval rating dropped three points, from 57 to 54 percent.

It gets better…

Trump’s handling of the economy got six points healthier. A majority of 55 percent approve of Trump’s economic stewardship (up from 52 percent last month), while only 40 percent disapprove (down from 43).

This is also an “all adult” poll.

The CNN poll was taken November 21 through 24 of 1,007 with a +/- 3.7 percent margin of error.


Over at the far-left Politico, the topline numbers all moved in Trump’s direction.

Prior to the hearings, 50 percent of registered voters supported the impeachment inquiry; that figure has now dipped to 48 percent.

Most telling in this poll, though, is where Independents stand. As of today, 39 percent of Independents oppose the inquiry, up from 37 percent prior to the hearings.

A plurality of 44 percent of Independents support the impeachment inquiry, down from 47 percent prior to the hearings.

This poll was conducted Nov. 22-24 online with 1,988 registered voters and a +/- 2 point margin of error.


Sorry, but if Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and the fake media believe they can remove a president with those numbers, they are nuts. You cannot remove a president from office with support for such a radical thing in the freakin’ forties.

Nevertheless, tee hee, Democrats are now in quite the pickle.

If Democrats do not vote to impeach (and that is exactly the trial balloon that Pelosi has put out), their base will melt down, specifically much of their donor base. Even though there is no chance the Senate convicts, and a big chance the Senate turns the trial into a two- to four-week examination of Joe Biden’s corruption, the Democrat base desperately needs the release of impeachment; they need for this to happen.

On the flipside, if Democrats do vote to impeach, Independent voters in some three dozen swing congressional districts are going to be disgusted, history will be unkind, and a precedent of using impeachment strictly to pout over policy disagreements will have been set, and that precedent will someday haunt a Democrat president.

In my opinion, Pelosi has to impeach. As bad as that option is for her, it is the best of two bad choices for a jackass party that went all in and lost. You always hold on to your base. Always. That is rule number one in politics.


These are all national polls, which mean little for 2020. It is the battleground state polls that matter most — as do the congressional swing districts — and as pathetic as these national polls are for Democrats, the battleground state and district polls always look worse for Democrats.

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