Candace Owens Vows to Run for Office: ‘I’ll Win’ — ‘They Won’t Know What Hit Them’

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - APRIL 26: Activist Candace Owens speaks to guests during the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits on April 26, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The convention, which runs through Sunday, features more than 800 exhibitors and is expected to draw 80,000 guests. (Photo …
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Appearing Thursday on BlazeTV’s Glenn Beck Radio Program, Blexit founder Candace Owens vowed to run for office one day, stating “I’ll win, and they won’t know what hit them.”

A transcript is as follows: 

GLENN BECK: You just tweeted right before you went on the air — and I just saw it — “I’m now honestly considering running for office. Never had any desire to previously, but something changed in me last night. Had a conversation with my husband and I think it’s a plan.”

CANDACE OWENS: Yeah, I did tweet that and that is real.

BECK: You just tweeted it five minutes ago. Tell me about it.

OWENS: I did. You know, I was talking to my husband about this, and my frustration about all these governors and how dishonest they’ve been. I grew up in Connecticut, I came up in New York… I’m just getting sick of it. I said I said to my husband, you know, I think I should get into politics. I think I should run. I should surprise run, and take somebody for everything they have, and expose people.

BECK: Run for?

OWENS: I’m not entirely sure yet and it will be a super surprise… I’ll tell you something else, Glenn, I’ll win. I will win the entire thing. They won’t know what hit them.


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