Nolte: Fake Political Media Eager Partners in Joe Biden’s Fake Press Conference

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Joe Biden is the frontrunner to be the next president of the United States and has gotten away with not holding a press conference for nearly three months. Finally, on Tuesday, and with no pressure whatsoever from the establishment media, Biden held a fake news conference, and his pals in the media played right along.

To begin with, after he told a breathtaking number of lies about the Trump administration’s coronavirus response — not enough testing, Trump ignoring the science, no national reopening plan, etc. —  he then whipped out a sheet of paper with the pre-approved names of the fake reporters he would call on for what sounded like questions that had been vetted in advance.

“They gave me a list of who to recognize,” Biden slurred. “Is Alex, AP out there? Couldn’t tell with the mask, Alex?”

And then the softballs rained down like water…

Biden’s been hiding in his basement and not taking questions for three months. Three months! Nevertheless, here are all the verbatim questions his media confederates in this charade asked — no tough questions, no gotchas, nothing probing, nothing that would catch him off guard or get under his skin…

QUESTION: “So we reported yesterday that President Trump was briefed as early as March of 2019 that Russia had ordered or offered bounties to the Taliban for the killing of U.S. soldiers. You called his inaction on this issue a betrayal. So broadly, what consequences do you think the president should face for that betrayal? And specifically, what do you think Congress should do?”

TRANSLATION: Mr. Vice President, please help us push this fake news about these Russian bounties, and tell us just how outraged you are over something Trump did not do.

QUESTION: “What consequences should he face if these allegations are true or these reports are true?”

TRANSLATON: Please use this fake conspiracy theory to reiterate how awesome you are and how awful Trump is.

QUESTION: “The polls though today show you with a sizeable national lead, a lead in a lot of the states that are critical in the electoral college. I wonder, where do you think the race stands at this moment? What keeps you up at night as you look ahead? And can you maintain this advantage without campaigning in a traditional way, especially this fall when voters begin to really tune in?”

TRANSLATION: You’re awesome, Joe. You’re kicking the Bad Orange Man’s ass, Joe. Tell us how awesome you are, Joe, and how you’re going to stay awesome — with a little help from friends like us.

QUESTION: “Have you requested a classified briefing, as you would be entitled to as the nominee? Has the administration offered you a classified briefing?”

TRANSLATION: The Trump Administration is putting electoral politics above the safety of the country, right Joe? Please expound on how awful Trump is.

QUESTION: “Have you begun to prepare for debates against President Trump?”

TRANSLATION: How’s that for a softball Joe? Gimme a “yes” or “no” and then feel free to talk about whatever you like… like how evil Trump is.

QUESTION: “Over the weekend, Princeton decided to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from their school and buildings due to his racist thinking. President Trump yesterday called that decision ‘incredible stupidity.’ What do you think about Princeton’s decision and the president’s comments? And then more broadly, as the nation is in this moment of reckoning when it comes to race, we’re seeing the removal of statues, also the removal of names from institutions and schools, do you think that this is the right approach to come to terms with our nation’s history and its leaders? What do you think when you see the removal of some of these statues?”

TRANSLATION: Trump’s a racist and you’re not, amirite?

QUESTION: “You have been doing these public events for the past month, which has put you in contact with more people. Have you been tested for coronavirus, and if so, how frequently are you doing that?”

TRANSLATION: How’s that for a layup, Joe? Can I be your press secretary?

QUESTION: “Thank you, Mr. Vice President. It’s good to see you, and I know we all hope that you continue to do this through November as often as possible.”

TRANSLATION: These pressers will all be this easy, Joe. They will all make you look this good, Joe.

QUESTION: “You talked about what our president has done, but yesterday you said at a fundraiser regarding Vladimir Putin, quote, I’ll confront Putin. I’ll strengthen NATO. I’ll make clear to Putin that he’ll have a price to pay for interference in our democratic processes. Specifically, can you tell us what you would do to Putin? If this is true, and in general, for what’s happened in the past.”

TRANSLATION: See, Joe, no one’s going to ask why the Obama administration did nothing about Russia’s interference in 2016. We’re just going to keep asking you to tell us how awesome of a president you’re going to be.

QUESTION: “And another issue that’s been in the news last week, this week, probably next week, the Supreme Court. President Trump says he’s going to issue an updated list of potential nominees to the court. You have said you would put a black woman on the court, should a spot open up. But there are groups calling for you to release a list of specific names you’d put on the court. Are you going to do that? Would you do that?”

TRANSLATION: Even though you were praising segregationists just a few months ago and telling black people they ain’t back unless they vote for you, here’s your opportunity to wax lyrical about all the black women you’re looking at for the Supreme Court.

QUESTION: “This is a two-parter, just to follow up again on Russia. Do you believe that if those reports are true that Trump is guilty of violating his oath of office? And on your VP choice, you’ve said that you want your running mate to be ready on day one to do the job. Do you think that someone who does not have national security or foreign policy experience can be ready on day one?”

TRANSLATION: Using our fake news, tell us again what a traitor Trump is and how awesome your vice presidential pick will be, Joe. Tell us, please tell us, Joe… We love you, Joe, and we know you love black people.

QUESTION: “So like other States, Delaware, your home state, is seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. Do you have a message for Delaware officials, state, and local governments for how they’ve handled the pandemics so far, how they need to handle it going forward?”

TRANSLATION: Tell us again how awesome you are going to be and how evil Trump is. We’re never going to ask you about your months-long opposition to Trump’s travel ban which probably saved thousands and thousands of lives. We’re not going to ask you how your pledge to open the borders will affect these infection rates. Just tell us again how evil Trump is.

QUESTION: “The response to this pandemic has become very politicized. Even wearing a mask has become political. If elected, how are you going to get Americans on the same page? And can your plan be successful if they aren’t?”

TRANSLATION: None of us will ever ask you a tough question, Joe. Ever.

QUESTION: “Good to see you out and about Mr. Vice President. I’m a little confused about the delineation, about the destruction of monuments. You talk about the fathers of this country, Washington, Jefferson, as worthy of preservation. Are Confederate monuments worthy of preservation? Should they be torn down in the manner that they are being torn down without the vote of local elected officials?”

TRANSLATION: You’ve promised to raise taxes in the trillions, you’ve embraced the Green New Deal, you have openly talked about gun confiscation… We’re not going to ask you about any of that, but here’s an opportunity to pose as a safe and sane moderate.

QUESTION: “That you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline. I’m 65. I don’t have word recollection that I used to have. I forget my train of thought from time to time. You’ve got 12 years on me, sir. Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?”

TRANSLATION: Let’s just wipe this problem off the table right here and right now, shall we?

That was it. After three months, those are the only questions asked, and around a third of them were based on these media lies about Trump ignoring Russian bounties on our troops.  Biden was asked nothing about amnesty for illegals, gun control, taxes, Democrats promising to kill the filibuster… Nothing about his views on punishing rioters, his thoughts on Antifa and Black Lives Matter, his thoughts on how Seattle’s mayor handled the CHAZ or how Democrat governors, specifically Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer, forced nursing homes to accept infected patients.

Nothing about Tara Reade’s very credible sexual assault allegation and Biden’s refusal to unlock his hidden Senate papers that might hold the sexual harassment complaint she said she filed.

Nothing about Hunter Biden’s looting of Ukraine and China…

I could go on and on…

And this is exactly how it’s going to be straight through to November 4.

The media only care about one thing —  beating Trump. So Biden will never be challenged, never put on the spot, never pressured or caught off guard.

The media are willing and proud players in what will be a series of fake news conferences and three fake debates.

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