CBS’s Dokoupil Suggests Trump Downplaying Coronavirus Concerns ‘Graver Than Watergate’ — ‘No One Died in Watergate’

Tuesday on “CBS “This Morning,” journalist Bob Woodward discussed recently-released tapes of his interview with President Donald Trump in which the president acknowledged his intention to downplay the coronavirus to prevent widespread panic. The interview was for Woodward’s new book about the Trump administration, “Rage.”

“This Morning” co-host Tony Dokoupil asked Woodward if he agreed with his former colleague Carl Bernstein that the Trump tapes are “graver than Watergate” because of the loss of life in the pandemic.

“Do you agree with this assessment? Is this graver than Watergate?” Dokoupil asked.

Woodward replied, “It’s hard to compare.”

“Well, no one died in Watergate,” Dokoupil interrupted. “And 200,000 people have died here.”

“Yes, and Nixon was a criminal president,” Woodward stated, adding Trump “failed” his job as President of the United States to protect the people.

He continued, “I, in the initial discussion with him in February, I thought he was talking about the virus in China. I later learned, unfortunately, it took a number of months until May that he had been told in January about this.”

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