Report: ‘The View’ Turns On ‘Hero Nurse’ After False Positive COVID Tests Spoil Kamala Harris Interview

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

According to reports, ABC’s far-left morning talk show, The View, has dumped the in-house nurse they once called a “hero” after the coronavirus testing mess that occurred during the show’s Kamala Harris interview in September.

According to The Daily Beast, ABC and The View producers have removed “health and safety manager” Wendy Livingston from her celebrated position on the show.

The show and its hosts once called “Nurse Wendy” their “healthcare hero,” but now it appears that she has gone from hero to zero — after hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were hastily removed from the set in the middle of the show on Sept. 24 due to positive tests for the coronavirus. Their removal occurred only minutes before Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to waltz out onto the set for an interview.

Harris did perform her interview that day but did so via a video remote link from another room in the studio.

If that fiasco wasn’t bad enough, Navarro and Hostin announced a few days later that the tests they were given returned false positives, and neither host was infected with the virus at all.

Hostin, in particular, was reportedly “furious” over the testing mess, because it was a “triggering” event that exposed her personal medical information to the public in real time. It also caused trouble for her family. Her children were pulled from school and her husband, a doctor, was removed from his practice because it was feared they were all exposed to the virus.

After all this, the show has reassigned “Nurse Wendy” to other duties. Still, an ABC spokesperson told The Daily Beast that “Wendy has not been fired.” The network added that she “remains a part of the health & safety team supporting testing and vaccine verification.”

But Livingston has fallen far from the once lofty heights she occupied at the show. Only as far back as May, the nurse was featured in a tribute video in which host Joy Behar called her “our own Florence Nightingale.” for her part, Navarro said that Livingston kept “The View family safe and sound.” Navarro then added, “Thank you so much for keeping us safe this year.”

While the network has not fired Livingston, insiders told Daily Bast that she is no longer intimately involved in the show.

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