Breitbart News Florida Debate Coverage

Refresh this page every few minutes for up-to-the-minute updates of video clips from tonight’s GOP debate in Florida.

‘Boos’ or ‘Newt’ Yelled During Gingrich’s Introduction?
Santorum, Gingrich Agree With Romney On ‘Self-Deportation’
Romney Gives Details On Immigration Policy
Romney Scolds Newt For Calling Him ‘Anti-Immigrant’
Ron Paul Wants To Be Friends With Cuba
Newt Suggests Romney Guilty Of Foreclosures For Owning Bank Stocks
Blitzer Claims Both Gingrich, Romney ‘Made Money From Freddie Mac’
Santorum Scolds Newt, Mitt: Enough With Petty Attacks
Newt Scolds Blitzer: ‘That’s A Nonsense Question’
Romney’s Impassioned Defense Of Wealth
Ron Paul: Welfare Helps The Wealthy
Questioned On Health, Ron Paul Challenges Candidates To 25 Mile Bike Ride
Newt’s Plan To Inhabit Moon
Santorum: Newt’s Plan For Inhabiting Moon ‘Irresponsible’
Ron Paul On Colonizing Moon: ‘I’d Like To Send Some Politicians There’
Paul To Newt: You Didn’t Really Balance Budget In 90s
Romney Accuses Newt Of Promising Federal Money To Each State He Campaigns In
GOP Candidates Provide Their Solutions For Uninsured
Newt Hints At Rubio Veep Nod
Santorum, Romney Have Testy Exchange Over RomneyCare
GOP Candidates Praise Wives As Future First Ladies
Santorum Talks Tough On Cuba
Paul: People Don’t ‘See A Jihadist Under Their Bed Every Night’
Romney Hammers Obama On Israel
Newt Promises To Move US Embassy To Jerusalem On Day 1
Newt Accuses ‘Romney Attack Machine’ For Journalists Writing Critical Articles
Question Never Asked At Democrat Debate: ‘How Will Religious Beliefs Affect Decisions’
Romney: I’ll Use My Life Experience To Beat Obama
Ron Paul On Why He Is Best Man To Run Against Obama
Newt: If Campaign Is About Big Ideas, I’ll Win
Santorum: I’ll Beat Obama Because I Appeal To Reagan Democrats
Blitzer Attempts ‘Gotcha’ Moment On Romney