#OccupyNewark Leader: Movement 'Clearly' Has Race Problems

People inside the Occupy movement — including one of the leaders of the Occupy Newark encampment — claim that “Occupy Wall Street” is racist against people of color. These new accusations of racism are based on people’s personal experiences with the increasingly secretive and “fascist” Occupy Wall Street leadership and the actions of OWS participants….

This man’s complaints about his own personal experience of anti-black racism at Occupy Wall Street were echoed by every black person spoken to this past week in New York. Some people did not want to go on record, possibly fearing reprisals from people at Occupy Wall Street, but others freely admitted in video interviews that BigGovernment.com and Breitbart.TV will be releasing this week that they think the Occupy Wall Street movement is “clearly” and “absolutely” racist against people of color based on their own personal experience.

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