Romney: We Will Be 'Massively Outspent' If Primaries Go Until Convention

On Scott Hennen’s radio show Mitt Romney expressed concern over the prospect of the nomination battle going all the way to the GOP convention in August.Hennen: “If it goes all the way to the nomination battle, is that a good thing? Ultimately, for the fact that it would be settled there, and you’d have (I would assume) a united Republican party around a nominee, despite some bumps and bruises in the spring – is that a good thing, or would that be a bad thing, and make it more difficult for the ultimate nominee to beat Barack Obama?” Romney: “Well, I’m really not a political pundit (in terms of accessing what the impacts would be in going all the way to the convention). I don’t think that’s terribly likely. Most likely, the party regulars will surround one of the people who they think has the best chance of beating Barack Obama, and start raising money for the general election. Of course, he’s doing that already. He and the Democratic Party have raised some 200 million dollars. Of course, each of the four of us that are still in the race are raising money for our primaries. So at some point, we’ll have to pick our person and start raising money so we can compete with Barack Obama. Otherwise, we’ll be massively outspent.”