*Live Stream* Heritage Foundation's 'The Bloggers Briefing'

*Live Stream* Heritage Foundation's 'The Bloggers Briefing'

Imagine if your confidential tax return was stolen from the IRS and turned over to a political adversary. It would seem ripe for an investigation. And yet that’s exactly what happened to the National Organization for Marriage, which had its private donors revealed when Human Rights Campaign and Huffington Post published the document. To add to the intrigue, HRC is run by a co-chairman of President Obama’s campaign.

Find out all the details from NOM President Brian Brown at today’s Bloggers Briefing, which Breitbart TV will air live on Tuesday at noon ET. 

Also on today’s agenda:

• The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff and Romina Boccia will unveil the 2012 edition of Federal Budget in Pictures, which offers a convenient embed code for each of the 46 charts.

• Brandon Millett, co-founder and president of the GI Film Festival, will preview this year’s event, which runs May 14-20 at the Naval Heritage Center in Washington, D.C.

• Richard Manning from Americans for Limited Government will share an update on the organization’s viral hit, “If I wanted America to fail,” and the next steps for Free Market America.