Stimulus-Funded Workers Paid To Play Cards

Stimulus-Funded Workers Paid To Play Cards

Volt no jolt: LG Chem employees idle

…They say it’s been going on for months.”


More stimulus money waste and fraud has been exposed by Target 8 News in Holland, MI as their undercover investigation reveals workers at an LG Chem car battery plant were paid to play monopoly, poker and sudoku or to clean the parking lot.  Workers confessed on camera that here just wasn’t anything to do at the plant celebrated and trumpeted by President Obama as an example of his economic success in re-orienting American manufacturing toward a green-jobs future.  

In the flashback video below President Obama, introduced by then-governor Jeannie Granholm, held up the battery plant as the way forward for America.  It is now an example of bloated and wasteful government spending under the president’s watch. 

FLASHBACK: President Obama Attends Groundbreaking For LG Battery Plant in Michigan