Ted Turner, Prodded by CNN, Calls for Nuclear Disarmament, Says 'War Is Just About Over With'

Ted Turner, Prodded by CNN, Calls for Nuclear Disarmament, Says 'War Is Just About Over With'

MALVEAUX: Do you think – if Iran has nuclear weapons, it will be a dangerous situation?

TURNER: It’s already a dangerous situation.


TURNER: Because Russia and the United States have nuclear weapons, Israel has them, Pakistan has them, India has them. About eight countries have them. And they’re extremely dangerous. If they all went off at once, it would clearly destroy the word completely.

MALVEAUX: So you think Ahmadinejad should have nuclear weapons as well?

TURNER: I think nobody should have them. That way, either we all have them or nobody has them. We play by the same rules. Equal rights for equal people. Women have equal rights with men. In Afghanistan people have equal rights with people from the United States.

MALVEAUX: What do you think — this is the last question. What do you think of – when you watch the world and you see what’s happening and there’s so much turmoil, and it looks like there’s so much change, even crisis in the Middle East. When you see that, what do you make of what’s taking place?

TURNER: Well, once again, I’ll take optimistic view of things. I was just – war is just about over with. War is just about over with, and that is huge news. First of all, the big, intelligent, well-educated countries have already quit war. You don’t see France getting ready to go to war with Germany or Russia getting to go to war with Poland. That used to happen all the time, but it’s not happening. And the best example of all was just a couple of weeks ago when Gaza was fighting — the Palestinians were fighting with the Israelis, and they lobbed a couple of missiles into Tel Aviv. And I’m sure that both people on both sides could see the day was coming that they’d be lobbing missiles into Jerusalem. And this is what both the Christian, the Jewish religion began there, and it’s the Holy Land. And it’s some of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.

People want to come from all over world to see it, but not when a war is going on. And they realized within a week of war they had made a terrible mistake to go to war. And even though it’s better to grumble at each other, but not to be shooting at each other and causing all this damage and wrecking the economy and upsetting people all over the world because these pictures, you’ve got the BBC and CNN now having the pictures of the grandmothers and grandfathers and little children lined up on the street in front of house dead. They’re bringing them out to bury them. That doesn’t look like a fun way to live. And it’s not. So they quit. They quit fighting in a week. Maybe they won’t start again. Maybe this will be the last war.