Several Shot At Houston Campus

Several Shot At Houston Campus

USA Today: One person is reported in custody and police are searching for a second suspect. Lone Star Community college in the Houston area is on lockdown after at least three people were reportedly shot, KHOU-TV reports, quoting a deputy constable. The Houston Chronicle says initial reports indicated that as many as three people may have been wounded. Their condition was not immediately clear.

KHOU, quoting one of its college reporters, said that one male, reportedly in handcuffs, was seen being taking out of the library on a stretcher. The TV station said one woman was receiving medical treatment at the scene.

KHOU reported that one person is in custody and that officers are searching for a second suspect at large.

KPRC reports that the suspect, described a black male, 18 to 20 years of age wearing a red shirt and Falcons cap, fled an academic building heading toward a nearby housing development.

Officers were also concentrated their search on a wooded area.

Nimitz high school nearby was also placed on lockdown.

KPRC quoted a student, Amanda Vasquez, as saying she heard “5 or 6” shots while sitting in English class. She said students quickly scrambled, hiding under desks.