Pollak: Bloomberg Soda Ban Only The Beginning

Pollak: Bloomberg Soda Ban Only The Beginning

LARRY KUDLOW, CNBC HOST: Joel Pollak, welcome back. I want to ask you, Joel, I see this in terms — very much in terms of personal freedom, individual responsibility, free markets. I see you sipping on a slurpee. I think Mr. Bloomberg has treaded where he shouldn’t go. And the other thing, Joel, I’ll just put this out there, this punches a hole in Michelle Obama’s obesity campaign, too does it not?

JOEL POLLAK, BREITBART NEWS: Not necessarily. I think Michelle Obama’s campaign is about educating the public to make better choices themselves. I think Mayor Bloomberg wants to make the choices for people, and I think that’s where the objections come in. You know, this kind of thing is going to come around more and more frequently as government controls more and more of our lives. With ObamaCare we’re now each responsible everyone else’s irresponsible decisions so we are going to see more of this. But I think you can take Michelle Obama’s campaign on its face and at its word and say, “Hey, this is a great idea. people could choose…”

KUDLOW: — She’s not pressuring — Now, I lauded her a week or two ago because she had good things to say about Walmart and Walmart was cooperating with her. So what you’re saying is she’s not pressuring businesses the way Bloomberg is legally pressuring business? Is that what you’re saying?

POLLAK: Well, with Walmart I think the Obamas and the Democrats have been after them for a while, so their compliance with anything Michelle Obama wants to do may be the result of some pressure. But you’re correct, the pressure is not direct. It’s not government sending a health inspector to your place of business and citing you for issuing drinks that are above ounces. Which reminds me, I’m very thirsty.

KUDLOW: Take another one.