Rick Perry 'Indeed' Open to 2016 Bid

Rick Perry 'Indeed' Open to 2016 Bid

CCN’S WOLF BLITZER: 2016: how seriously are you thinking about that Republican presidential nomination once again?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY (R-TX): I’ve got 55 days left of the men and women who are working in this building behind me, the Texas Capitol. Our legislature will be leaving in approximately 55 days–and hopefully with a great budget put together and continuing to make Texas the epicenter for economic growth in this country. And at that particular point in time I’ll sit down with friends and family and make a decision about 2016.

BLITZER: So you’re obviously open to that notion.

PERRY: Indeed.

BLITZER: Have you given any thought at all to a possible Rick Perry versus Hillary Clinton race in 2016? Has that even entered your mind?

PERRY: [laughs] I haven’t. I’ve given a lot more thought to how I work with the very disparate groups over in the Capitol as we put a budget together and deal with water and transportation, infrastructure, and electrical power–and keep this state on track to lead the nation in job creation.