Judge Jeanine: 'Maybe' Texas DA Murder 'About Business And Not Ideology'

Judge Jeanine: 'Maybe' Texas DA Murder 'About Business And Not Ideology'


JUDGE JEANINE: The line that separates a civil society from a lawless one is drawn in the sand every day by police and prosecutors. Their job is to deal with the worst of the worst to investigate arrest prosecute and bring to justice those who choose to violate our laws and victimize others. By definition, the job of a district attorney seeking to jail criminals is a dangerous one. But it’s what we do, it’s what we signed up for. And honestly, if a DA isn’t threatened at some point in his or her career they’re probably not doing their job. But rarely, if ever, do those threats result in the murder of not one, but two prosecutors. Hello and welcome to “Justice” …

On January 31, top felony prosecutor Mark Hassey of the Kaufman county DA’s office in Texas was gunned down in the parking lot on his way to the courthouse. And last Saturday less than two months later his boss, District Attorney Mike McClellan and his wife Cynthia were shot and killed in their own home. And this week in an unprecedented move Assistant US attorney Jay Heilman from the southern district of Texas withdrew from the very case … citing his own security concerns.

Now throughout the history of this country, DA’s have been virtually immune from any kind of violence. Even the bad guys have rules, a moral code that you just don’t kill certain people. Very little is actually gain by killing a prosecutor. The case doesn’t fold. Everyone knows if you kill one prosecutor there are more who will simply replace him to try that case …

So why this is happening in the United States now? Before his brutal murder, DA McClellan was the chief law enforcement officer of accounting through which interstate 20, a known drug corridor, ran …
Now, to most of us, the Aryan Brotherhood Texas or anywhere else is simply a violent white supremacist, racist gang. So is this about racial hatred? I see something different.

I see and I think that white supremacy has very little to do with these murders. When you peel back the layers of the onion and actually read the federal indictment against those 34 members of Aryan Brotherhood Texas, the charges. Are racketeering. Okay. An organized crime, white supremacy gang, charged with racketeering. But, why? Peel back again ,these individuals are charged with murders, attempted murders, kidnappings and conspiracy. Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine. What’s that got to do with white supremacy? Maybe it has nothing to do with the white supremacy. Maybe the Aryan Brotherhood Texas has changed its original mission. Maybe this is about business and not ideology. Maybe this is about turning a profit.