Ex-Ricin Suspect Describes Interrogation

Ex-Ricin Suspect Describes Interrogation

CNN: Colorful character Paul Kevin Curtis describes the details of his interrogation when he was arrested on suspicion of sending letters to lawmakers tainted with the poison ricin.

“There was only one individual in that room that was agitated with me, and he was shaking and very nervous. I think he knew that, you know, ‘we don’t have enough on this guy, guys. I don’t want to compromise my job. I’ve got a job to do.’

But I think he had been in it long enough over the years that he felt some form of uncertainty, because I’m an impersonator. I’ve impersonated thousands of different cartoon characters and people. So I’m studying his human behavior, and I’m just picking up on the shakiness and the nervousness and the friction in his voice and how he can’t look me in the eye. And he wanted me to sign papers to release all medical records from my whole life and mental records to him.

And I said, ‘Sir, my ex-wife is in criminal justice; she wants to be a lawyer. And we were just talking the other night over dinner, and she told me, “Don’t ever sign anything if you’re ever in a situation unless your lawyer’s there.”‘ And I said, ‘Sir can I have an attorney here present?’ And they go, ‘Absolutely not.’ ‘Well, then, I’m not signing it.’ He grabbed those papers and jerked them back and said, [growling] ‘Well, that’s just fine!’…

They treated me like gold, but they intensely interrogated me for hours, and it was nerve-wracking. I can’t even express, my inside nerves were, like, gonna come out of my ears.”