Cornel West: Most Liberals 'Morally Bankrupt'

Cornel West: Most Liberals 'Morally Bankrupt'

LIZ MAIR, REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT: I applaud your consistency on that, and I think that that is something that many liberals in this country can do with a healthy dose of.

CORNEL WEST, PROFESSOR AND ACTIVIST: I’m not a liberal. I’m a revolutionary Christian.

MAIR: But, but, but, but there are…


MAIR: But there are many liberals, there are many liberals that would agree with you, and I think that a dose of consistency…

WEST: No, but most liberals will only say it when Bush is in office.

MAIR: Of course.

WEST: They won’t say it about a Democrat. That’s morally bankrupt. Morally bankrupt.