U.S. Navy Ad Campaign: A Global Force for Good

US Navy: A Global Force For Good: The strength and status of any nation can be measured in part by the will and might of its navy. That’s not an outdated thought; it’s a modern reality. As the largest, most versatile, most capable naval force on the planet today, America’s Navy epitomizes this idea. And yet, far more impressive is what it does with the distinction.

A symbol of power, a force for stabilityAmerica’s Navy serves as an essential force of stability in an increasingly unstable and interconnected world – as well as a vanguard for positive change. Why is this important? Because what America’s Navy does each and every day makes the world as we know it possible.

First to fight, first to helpThe role of America’s Navy is both vast and dependent upon circumstance. It involves everything from engaging in combat and warfare support, to keeping waterways safe and open for global commerce, to deterring sea piracy and drug trafficking. And when called upon, it’s a force that readily answers the need for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief anywhere, anytime – to help American citizens and citizens of the world.

A job of immense importanceThe specific responsibilities of America’s Navy are carried out by the hundreds of thousands of Sailors who work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards of excellence in hundreds of diverse career fields. Putting professional skills to work to advance the Navy’s cause as well as their own interests. To win wars as well as win over hearts and minds.

A nation at its absolute bestExceptional people. Leading technology. Incredible capabilities. All focused on making the world a better place. When it all comes together, this is what makes America’s Navy what it truly is. Something more than an admirable calling. More than a promising career choice. More than an elite military power.

It’s what makes us – America’s Navy. A Global Force For Good™.