Ed Schultz Predicts 2016 Dick Cheney Presidential Run

Ed Schultz Predicts 2016 Dick Cheney Presidential Run

On his Monday radio show, liberal MSNBC host Ed Schultz made a bold out-of-the-box prediction: He predicted former Vice President Dick Cheney would be a Republican candidate for president in 2016.

“That’s right, folks — I think Dick Cheney’s running for president,” Schultz said. “I do. I think this guy’s got his health back. This guy is far more experienced than any of the other Republican candidates. He loves the fight. He’s engaged. He could raise a boatload of money. I know I’m scaring the hell out of you. But I gotta ask you — what would it be like to have Dick Cheney as president? Holy smokes. Holy smokes! See, what do you think the conservatives would rather have — Chris Christie or Dick Cheney? Marco Rubio or Dick Cheney? Scott Walker or Dick Cheney? Donald Trump or Dick Cheney? Who, tell me who, would outdo Dick Cheney’s experience, I’m talking, from the conservative perspective?”

“Remember, he’s got a new heart,” he continued. “Remember, he loves the fight. Remember, he likes to be the boss. Remember, he’s connected to energy. Ooh, the Wall Street would love him. I’m just sayin’, I don’t think Dick Cheney’s out of the mix.”

(h/t Newsbusters)