Secure Freedom Minute: Putin's Reset

Secure Freedom Minute: Putin's Reset

Transcript as follows:

Last night, Vladimir Putin’s goons took over government facilities in three cities in eastern Ukraine. They are demanding a referendum on whether more Ukrainian territory should, like Crimea, be annexed by Russia.

Next, we’ll see the overt insertion of more Russian troops, lurking just across the border. When combined with special forces already covertly in eastern Ukraine, the scene will be set for a reprise of a Crimea-style vote-under-occupation. We know how that will come out.

Putin is simultaneously threatening economic war against the United States. Specifically, his state-controlled media are making explicit what has long been going on behind the scenes: a ruinous Russian-led effort to take down the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

President Obama fatuously pursued an appeasing “reset” with Russia. Welcome to Putin’s reset.