McCain Makes Pitch for US Aid to Ukraine, Syria in 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' Appearance

McCain Makes Pitch for US Aid to Ukraine, Syria in 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' Appearance

On Monday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) talked about his efforts to reach a younger audience and boasted about being sanctioned by the Russian government. But the Arizona senator also argued for the United States to supply arms to Ukraine in their fight against Russian intrusions and for the Syrian rebels as well as they continue to take on the Assad regime.

On Ukraine:

“Right now, I’d be giving them some weapons with which to defend themselves,” McCain said. “I would be taking other measures, such as giving them money that they need to get their economy back on track. We should be saying if they want to, they can be members of the European Union. There’s so many — we’re the strongest and most powerful and best nation in the world. And we can make him pay a price so that he is not guilty of these kinds of aggression. And we just had to be strong and steadfast. And if we aren’t, then he will continue to kind of take advantage of us. We’re not going to have World War III. We’re not going to go back to the Cold War, but we are going to have a very aggressive Vladimir Putin.”

On Syria:

“Finally just one word on Syria — 150,000 people have been massacred,” McCain added. “Atrocious things are going on by this guy, Bashar Assad. The Russians, by the way, are sending them weapons among their other misbehavior. And my friends, say a prayer for the Syrians and ask everybody if we could help them. It’s really tough. When you go to a refugee camp and you see these thousands of kids running around, it’s really awful and we should care what happens in Syria.”

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