George Will: VA Scandal Gives Glimpse of 'Obfuscation,' 'Cruelty' of Our Health Care Future

George Will: VA Scandal Gives Glimpse of 'Obfuscation,' 'Cruelty' of Our Health Care Future

On Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist George Will reacted to the Veterans Affairs scandal by explaining how this serves as a model of things to come as it pertains the future of government’s involvement in the health care sector.

“In politics, the worst scandals and debacles are those reinforce a preexisting adverse narrative,” Will said. And in this case with the administration is that this is the gang that can’t shoot straight particularly regarding health care because the great motif of this administration so far is ‘trust us with your health care.’ And people are now going to have doubts about this. Furthermore, it does demonstrate the superiority of the private sector to the public sector, which is something these people need to be reminded of because in the private sector, there is a penalty for failure and that is bankruptcy. You go out of business. You lose customers. In the public sector, there is no penalty for failure, usually. Failure proliferates as it’s doing here. And finally this is a little glimpse into the rationing of health care by bureaucratic obfuscation and sometime cruelty. So, this is our future.”

“I think it’s inconceivable that we’ve seen all the cases of maladministration at best and maleficence at worse and there will be other whistleblowers coming out of the closet,” he added.

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