Ann Coulter Hits Jill Abramson for Brandeis Gender Double Standard

Ann Coulter Hits Jill Abramson for Brandeis Gender Double Standard

On “CNN Tonight” host by Don Lemon on Monday, Ann Coulter, author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” offered her thoughts on ousted New York Times editor Jill Abramson, who was allegedly a victim of gender pay discrimination as a woman editor of the Times.

Coulter gave praise to Abramson’s commencement address earlier in the day at Wake Forest University, but said that Abramson’s handling of her Brandeis invitation given the circumstances on how she obtained that invitation left much to be desired.

“Well, the sympathy, I would say, is way on her side in the press,” Coulter said. “And, yes, it was a funny speech. It was good. And I was glad she gave this one. I was a little appalled and tweeted about it this weekend when I saw — remember the Muslim woman, [Ayaan Hirsi Ali], the one who is with AEI. And her big campaign is she left Islam because she was in arranged marriages and being abused. And her campaign is to oppose cliterectomies. And at Brandeis, the good students and administration at Brandeis decided that was a controversial position, to be against cliterectomies, cancelled Ali Hirsi as the commencement speaker and then got Jill Abramson. Now Jill Abramson didn’t say no then. You dishonored a woman who is opposing the stoning of women who have been raped and cliterectomies throughout the Islamic world. But she does withdraw when she loses a half-million-dollar-a-year job. So at least she didn’t cancel the Wake Forest one. I think she never should have agreed to the Brandeis one.”

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