CNN Panel: VA Could Become 'Runaway Political Crisis'

CNN Panel: VA Could Become 'Runaway Political Crisis'

CNN’s John King, Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev and the Washington Post’s Dan Balz argued in a panel discuss on Wednesday’s episode of “New Day” that the VA scandal could become a major political problem.

King said that many Democrats saw the White House as “flat-footed” in its response to the scandal. Talev stated that today’s scheduled meeting between President Obama and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki “is finally acknowledgment by the White House that this has potential to be a runaway political crisis through the midterm elections,” that vulnerable Democrats “are going to have to defend their party against.”

Talev added “it becomes increasingly difficult” for Secretary Shinseki to stay on as VA Secretary as the scandal continues. Balz agreed, stating that the “pressure” to fire Shinseki will become “harder for him [Obama] to resist.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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