Adam Carolla Praises Bill Maher for Take on Islam's Brutalization of Women

Adam Carolla Praises Bill Maher for Take on Islam's Brutalization of Women

On the Wednesday edition of his podcast, Adam Carolla, author of the new book “President Me: The America That’s In My Head,” pointed out that he agreed with HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher, who in an episode of his show earlier this month took on the religion of Islam for some of its followers’ brutality against women.

Carolla played the audio from that episode and went on to explain why he agreed with someone like Maher, particularly on this topic.

Partial transcript as follows:

CAROLLA: By the way, is that what he said, that all Muslims are the problem?

ALISON ROSEN: No, not even close.

CAROLLA: Why does an intelligent woman like Arianna Huffington, what you just said is that all Muslims are the problem when he said the exact opposite. He said, basically, that is the liberals on campus that are bending over backwards that are defending them that is the problem. Or, if at least it’s not the exact opposite, it’s no where near —

ROSEN: It was so not close to what he said that it makes me wonder what they were talking about before we started this because it just seems like did she really not hear what he said? Maybe she didn’t.

CAROLLA: She wants to be on the happy side of this issue so she gets to be the one who says that, meanwhile, tell that to the fucking schoolgirls who are being rounded up and being tortured or used as sex slaves or whatever the fuck is going, Arianna Huffington. You should be more happy to judge cultures that are brutalizing women. And, of course again, we get back to that stupid argument, ‘Not all, not all. Yes, it’s never all anything so why even get into ‘all?’

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